The Future Of Storytelling : Moving From 'Writer' to 'Creator'

Room: Tuke Hall

with Luke Ryan

The Future Of Storytelling : Moving From

The media landscape is shifting rapidly, which is ultimately a good thing for artists of every sort. We’ll take a look at how the traditional distribution structure in music crumbled and how similar problems are affecting film, television, and books and what the near future holds for each industry.

More importantly, we’ll take a look at the new opportunities that are being generated in digital media that offer you a greater platform to express yourself creatively and to market your work directly to audiences that might have been out of reach in the past.  No matter what form your creativity takes, the future of storytelling lies in building a unique world and set of characters and then purposing the stories that spring from them across as many platforms as possible.

Taught by a guy who’s truly obsessed with this stuff and working with various IP owners to evolve their content along these lines, this class will explore the core principles of transmedia storytelling and world building, techniques for engaging and motivating an “active” audience, as well as the emerging app space and virtual worlds.

Appearing in this session

Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan – Executive Vice President | Disruption Entertainment

Credits include: Red Dawn, Cabin In The Woods

Luke Ryan is Executive Vice President of Disruption Entertainment, which has a first-look deal at Paramount Pictures.
Luke Ryan