The Hour of Power

Room: Tuke Cinema

with Charles Harris

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A strategy session aimed at helping you get the most out of the day’s extraordinary opportunities.

We begin Saturday with The Hour Of Power to set you up for an extraordinary experience… think of this as a strategy session to get the most out of the coming hours connections and challenges.

The emotional and spiritual life of a writer can be tough – very tough. There can be fear and second guessing with a generous sprinkling of anxiety that sends the writer into a spiraling descent of self-doubt.

This inspirational session will knock these common issues out of the park and help empower the writer with some mind tricks and tips to keep them on their writing journey.

Take this time to clear your mind of the detritus and focus on what’s most important – being equipped to create and achieve your goals.

Appearing in this session

Charles Harris

Charles Harris – Filmmaker, Writer and Educator

Has helped countless writers for over fifteen years.

Writer-director, Charles Harris has won international awards for his films for TV and cinema.
Charles Harris