The Non-linear Minefield

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Saturday 10:30am


The Non-linear Minefield image

For the last decade scriptwriter and novelist Linda Aronson has been dazzling and exciting film industry professionals all over the world with her game-changing practical explanations of how to construct a wide range of non linear and multiple storyline films. But these forms are very difficult. What can go wrong?

In an immensely practical session Linda draws on her experience as the world’s leading script consultant on non linear story structure to talk turkey about what can go wrong and how to avoid it, about exciting new applications for nonlinear forms in long form TV series and serials,  about inventing your own hybrids, and about just how  to use nonlinearity to fix problem films.

This is a turbo-charged craft skills session vital for anyone seriously writing or contemplating writing this kind of complex material.  Bring your questions and hold on to your hats. Script chat will follow.