The Pitch Factor

Room: Tuke Hall

with Sascha Hecks, Luke Ryan, Micho Rutare, Ned Dowd, Jason Taylor, and Richard Cardona

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Have you got the Pitch Factor? Live from London, the London Screenwriters Festival are excited to announce the new and massively entertaining event “Pitch Factor”.

Have you got a script? Want to win some money? Want to pitch it to our industry professional judges? Put £5 into the pot and then you have 2 minutes to pitch your script.

And winner takes the pot!

Anyone at the festival can enter. Last years event was a huge success and tremendous fun!

Here is what LSF delegate Tom Kerevan, winner from last year, had to say about the Pitch Factor…

£5 in the hat and we’re away – 2 minutes to pitch your idea. In the queue, I’m absolutely bricking it having changed my pitch a million times in the last half hour to get it under two minutes. It’s okay though, I’ve got about fifteen minutes before my go. Then all of a sudden, we only have 90 seconds. A quarter of the pitch is cut. The we’re told we only have a minute! Cut, cut, cut!

I’ve only just figured out what to say when the microphone is in my hand. Luckily for me, being a Quiz Master, that’s my comfort zone and all the nerves dissipate. I feel it goes well and then Ned Dowd says it was pitch perfect. Ester Wouda comments “That’s an elevator pitch.” 

After all thirty-five have pitched the judges announce Nick Horwood’s ‘Mandemic!’ as second place for best idea and Wreckers first place for best pitch! Incredible! Couldn’t be happier! Everyone was really complementary as well, which meant even more to be honest.

So what did I learn from the experience?

1. Practice DOES make perfect. I’ve been tweaking the logline for two years to get it absolutely right. That one sentence has had input from about 25 people. Charles Harris is not lying when he says you need to test it out on anybody who will listen and take what they say on board.

2. Less is more. If I’d had two minutes, I probably wouldn’t have won. There was a lot of fat on the two minute pitch that had to be trimmed. And of course, I didn’t need it. The judges commented that all the pitches got better when the time was cut to one minute.

3. That kind of pressure mirrors what could happen in real life. “Sorry, but Steven Spielberg is running late; your half hour meeting is now only five minutes. No, he forgot to pick up his dry cleaning so you’ve got the time it takes him to walk the fifty yards to his car.” Think quick!

4. There are some amazing ideas out there! There wasn’t one pitch that I wouldn’t like to see on the screen and my reaction to at least a quarter of the pitches was the dreaded, “Why didn’t I come up with that?!”


Appearing in this session

Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan – Executive Vice President | Disruption Entertainment

Credits include: Red Dawn, Cabin In The Woods

Luke Ryan is Executive Vice President of Disruption Entertainment, which has a first-look deal at Paramount Pictures.
Luke Ryan
Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor – President of Production | Bad Hat Harry Productions

Credits include: X-Men: First Class, Valkyrie

Jason's impressive credits include X-Men: First Class, Jack The Giant Killer, Valkyrie and the TV series Dirty Sexy Money.  
Jason Taylor
Micho Rutare

Micho Rutare – Director Of Development | The Asylum

Credits include: Bigfoot, Dragonquest

As Director of Development at The Asylum, Micho has overseen the development of more than 30 films, with 25 more in the pipeline.
Micho Rutare
Ned Dowd

Ned Dowd – Producer

Apocalypto, King Arthur, Ondine, Shanghai Noon and Last Of The Mohicans

Apocalypto, King Arthur, Shanghai Noon and Last Of The Mohicans are a handful of films on Ned's resume - it reads more like our movie collection!
Ned Dowd
Richard Cardona

Richard Cardona – Creative Executive | After Dark Films

Credits Include: Bullet To The Head

After Dark has a first look deal with Lionsgate and is the largest horror distribution and production company in the US.
Richard Cardona
Sascha Hecks

Sascha Hecks – Producer

Credits include: Hemlock Drive, The Truth About Love

Sascha and co-producer Tracey Adam have raised £1.4m in development funds and have an ambitious slate of 11 features.
Sascha Hecks