The Truth Is In Here! Writing great Sci-fi

Room: D204/5

with Robert Grant

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The lazy way of coming up with science fiction film ideas is to take an existing film title and add “ space!” to it, and while you might get lucky and write a classic, it’s more likely you’ll end up with a mediocre copy of someone else’s story.

Good ideas for sci-fi films are few and far between; yet better, original and unique ideas are all around us, we just have use fresh eyes and look in the right places.

This session is in two parts. Part one is a short talk about what science fiction is and isn’t, and what sci-fi offers screenwriters that other genres do not. It goes on to look at sources of new ideas, basic tools to gather, store and explore them and discusses exercises for taking an idea and turning it into a story. Part two is a active workshop where you’ll take an idea and using some of the techniques discussed, break a story together in the room that everyone can take away and continue to work on.

Appearing in this session

Robert Grant

Robert Grant – Writer

Credits include: Writing The Science Fiction Film (Author)

Screenwriter Robert is one of the core team behind The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film.
Robert Grant