Why Writing Movies For The Supermarket Checkout Could Be The Smartest Move You'll Ever Make

Room: D204/5

with Paul Tanter and Simon Phillips
moderated by David Nicholas Wilkinson

Why Writing Movies For The Supermarket Checkout Could Be The Smartest Move You

Of course we all harbour ambitions to write next years big summer blockbuster and becoming an overnight success; but anyone who’s ever been an overnight success will tell you that there was at least ten years spent labouring away at the 9-5 and struggling with the day to day realities of a writers life before that success miraculously appeared.

Why not refocus your energies into low budget genre features with a tried and tested audience of consumers?  Wouldn’t you rather see a DVD of your produced feature on sale in the aisles of Asda than as a coffee stained script in your desk drawer collecting dust?

Paul Tanter is a writer, director and producer of independent feature films, most notably theWhite Collar Hooligan films and the Jack trilogy.  As a director, his films The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan and The Fall of the Essex Boys were among the most successful independent films of the past 12 months, with both selling over 60,000 copies in their first three months.

In this session UK indie film distributor David Wilkinson will be talking to Paul and his producer Simon Phillips, discussing just how they manage to achieve these impressive numbers and why targeting your movies for the Supermarket might just open the doors you have been banging on.