Writing for Teens with Conflict, Passion and Authenticity

Room: Herringham Hall
Time: Saturday 2:00pm


with Yalda T Uhls

Writing for Teens with Conflict, Passion and Authenticity image

Tweens and teenagers are the biggest consumers of television and movies and executives love to make the content that they want to watch.  During these years, adolescents tend to choose their own media as they struggle to become independent and learn who they are.  At the same time, teens are some of the most interesting and passionate people, who are looking for causes (e.g. US election and Bernie Sanders surge).

So how do you craft stories that engage and inspire them, without caving to the pressures of the lowest common denominators, sex and violence? How do you get executives to care about what they create for this audience, instead of demanding a super hero project?

Come learn how from Yalda T Uhls, PhD a research scientist (UCLA) with over 15 years of senior executive experience in the entertainment industry (MGM, Sony). Her expertise of how media content is created, the realities of the marketplace as well as the science of how media affects children, informs her unique perspective.

Appearing in this session

Yalda T Uhls

Yalda T Uhls – Former movie executive and expert in child development

Credits include: My Family, Tree's Lounge

Former movie executive, Yalda is now an expert on child development and consults with Disney and Henson Pictures.
Yalda T Uhls