Writing With Characters

Room: D204/5

with Simon Phillips

Writing With Characters image

Have you ever thought about improvising with actors to solve writing problems?  Problems such  as:

  • Your writing is stuck on the page?
  • Events that would help to develop the script are buried in your story.
  • The plot demands a difficult decision that you don’t fully understand and know others are going to question?

Involving others in writing often causes unmanageable complications. Add actors into that and your clear story could vanish.  However the simple and effective tools presented at this practical seminar will help you succeed in using the great creative input of actors.

This Writing with Characters Seminar delivers practical solutions to help you:

  • Understand the three important things to prepare before any improvisation that will make it fast and effective
  • Get a deep understanding of your story, even if you are both writer and director
  • Get authentic material for your characters when they refer to events in their past
  • Write confidently – understanding the most difficult actions of your characters
  • Find the powerful hidden events in your script to help you make it great.