LSF Intensive: Writing with Greater Depth and Authenticity with Karol Griffiths (June 27th)

LSF Intensive: Writing with Greater Depth and Authenticity with Karol Griffiths (June 27th) image

Are your great ideas often held back by writing that can often feel uninspired, lacking depth, truth and brevity when it hits the page? Is there room to take your writing even deeper, writing from a more authentic place?

The worlds greatest actors often rely on a technique called ‘method acting’ where they immerse themselves in the characters and universe. It creates Oscar winning performance and profound connection with audiences.

What if we could use the same technology, but without the total immersion, to write with greater resonance?

Method Writing is a powerful approach to finding one’s deep, authentic voice while triggering and activating greater creativity.

  • It’s a muscle. So it can be trained.
  • It’s a tool. So it can used and reused over and over once learned.

Karol Griffiths – development consultant and writing mentor will spend the day working with you, guiding you through hands on exercises focused on connecting you to your inner voice through method writing.

When: 27th June
Where: Ealing Studios
How much: £167
Max EIGHT attendees

It’s an organic approach to writing; exploring aspects of yourself – your feelings, points of view – subconscious emotions and hidden agendas… ALL OF WHICH will enhance the way you view character, character relationships, and will strengthen your storytelling skills and clarify your thematic strengths.

Your outcomes

  • Write with greater authenticity and originality
  • Develop your unique writers voice
  • Create different voices for unique characters
  • Write powerful subtext
  • Write with greater impact and brevity

This method does not deal with traditional approaches to writing that emphasise structure or form— but like method acting, focuses on truth – the organic process of connecting to your inner voice and how it can be used to create unique works. Writing that is true to your own voice and style, true to your own vision and point of view, true to your own life experience —whatever you are writing.

Unlock the next level, master new tools and learn to write with such power and depth as to cause a profound reaction in the reader, producer, director, actors and ultimately the audience.


‘I liked how practical, informative and creative this was and through it I found a way into a longstanding project’
Shay Elliot, Screenwriter

‘I learned new brainstorming techniques, great exercises and part of the workshop felt like therapy. I wish it lasted a week! Karol is an incredibly generous tutor.’
Leanna Jalukse, Writer and Script Editor/Consultant

‘Karol is very approachable, and I liked the small group, location and writing exercises we did because we had to dig deep into our emotions.’
Mari Vindis, Screenwriter and Filmmaker

‘Karol is endlessly supportive and encouraging. A must if you need to focus on your ‘writing voice’. Expect to dig into ‘why’ as well as ‘how’’
James Allen, Screenwriter

‘Great day. Great insight. Karol’s the coolest’
Bobby Stevenson, Screenwriter

‘Goes where no other screenwriting course dares to go… deep into your psyche! Prepare to laugh. Prepare to cry!’
Jacqui Canham, Screenwriter

‘A visceral deep dive into your characters that spills over into catharsis for your own life. Fantastic session! Do this!
Jade S. Bokhari, Screenwriter

NOTE: We cannot offer refunds for this event due to the small number of attendees.