Writing, Producing, Funding and Shooting your short film with Vanessa Bailey

Are you a frustrated writer or actor? Maybe it’s time to take your destiny into your own hands and become a ‘reluctant producer’?

So… How did an actress with zero filmmaking experience make the leap to successful writer and producer and what can you learn from her journey? Join us for a very special Breakfast Club event at Pimm’s O’Clock…

When: Fri 7th July (2:30pm)
Where: Phoenix Artists Club, WC2H 8BU
How much: £15.00
Tickets https://www.londonbreakfastclub.com/

Armed with not much more than a passion for storytelling and her dogged determination, Vanessa embarked on a journey to bring her short film Seeing Him to the big screen. A journey which challenged her to her very core, but never defeated her.

By networking, crowdfunding and learning as she went, Vanessa raised the finance, wrote (and rewrote many times) the script, and pulled together a team of experienced industry professionals with a credit list like a DVD collection.

When Vanessa began her journey to make ‘Seeing Him’, she had already raised a family (she now has teenage kids) and been a teacher, but she wanted more. Having started an acting career at the ‘wrong age’ and made that a success in itself, she turned her focus to filmmaking.

With no money, contacts or experience she managed to secure the cash, write (and relentlessly rewrite) a script, and attract an experienced cast and crew whose collective credits include ‘Humans’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’, ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, while shooting on an Arri Alexa with anamorphic lenses (if you don’t know what that means, ask a director of photography).

In this session Vanessa will share:

• How to write a script that people will want to help you make. For free.
• The art and craft of creating relationships for mutual gain and benefit.
• How to produce when you have no idea about filmmaking.
• How to crowdfund to finance your film – Vanessa ran five successful crowdfunds!
• How to connect with actors and get them on board.
• How to maintain self-belief and focus when things go wrong.
• Why you need the right kit, team and mindset (and what it is).
• The magic ingredients that get you across the finish line in a winning state.
• If you think you need to go to film school to make a cinema quality short film that packs a serious punch then think again.

Come and find out how it can be done. Even against all the odds. You will leave inspired, informed and with new connections. Promise!
See you there!

When: Fri 7th July (2:30pm)
Where: Phoenix Artists Club, WC2H 8BU
How much: £15.00
Tickets https://www.londonbreakfastclub.com/

Chris Jones